why does'nt namco bandai release tekken game for pc ?

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i think namco must respect pc gamers and release tekken x street fighter for pc (for god's sake:roll:)

if company doen'nt do such thing it might be because of their idea about selling predictions when it comes to pc 

and i pesonally think they are afraid that their game won't be as good as sf iv ao sfxtk :P

anybody have idea share it with mw about releasing this game on pc or better anybody that have contact with namco 

show me why (1 minim answer!!!) namco does'nt release tekken games for pc (minim when it crosses sf fighters that are truly

inspired by me and other pc gamers!!!!!!!!:cry:)

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Namco doesn't do PC releases, it released less than 5 games since company started, I doubt they even have a team that could do a port. Apart from that piracy comes to mind why they'd refuse to do so.

And problem with PC ports comes from too many bugs that can occur thanks to various configurations, while for consoles they only have one configuration, so testing can be tedious and making patches costs too.

Some companies must keep exclusivity to consoles, otherwise there wouldn't be need to buy consoles at all, I probably wouldn't have bought PS3 if Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 & 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur 4 didn't come out for it, if they were all on PC, I wouldn't have a need for PS3.

Noone would buy original XBOX if it weren't for games like Ninja Gaiden, or XBOX 360 if it weren't for Halo and Gears of War.

Wii survived only thanks to Zelda and Mario (and all other revamped Nintendo games) which are exclusive to Wii.