Great despite lengthy air juggles

User Rating: 8 | Tekken Tag Tournament 2 PS3
I'll keep this short, In previous Tekken games the ultimate skill attack was the ten string combo; this was effective and powerful while not being overly cheap since there were opportunities to block during the string and launch a counter attack. Tekken Tag 2 Encourages long air juggle combos which are very powerful and very cheap; once the combo starts your fighter is helpless. This breaks the game by rendering ALL other moves obsolete. Despite this this poor design choice which ruins the fun of online VS, everything that made previous Tekkens great is still here. Improved graphics and a full character roster keep the fans happy. Need to patch the juggling Namco! Still a great game. The costume purchasing options are decent as you can find at least two cool outfits for your fighters among the silly and weird stuff. The production is excellent and playing with a friend is as fun as always. just don't opt for an air juggle unless you want no friends ;)