Tekken Tag Tournament 2

User Rating: 7.5 | Tekken Tag Tournament 2 PS3
Tekken Tag Tournament 2... now that's a game we've been all waiting for a long time now and it's finally here. This is my personal review.

TTT2 has nothing to do with the main Tekken story but all characters are still themselves, characters who have been either dead or gone out of sight are here, that means you have a lot of characters to choose from... yes... a lot!
Some just feel like a complete copy of another character (with a few alternatives) like we had with Christie and Tiger being like Eddy, or Marshal Law being like Forest Law and so on. I guess they wanted to give the opportunity to have a team with similar moves etc.

The gameplay is exactly like Tekken 6 but faster and smoother, characters also have some added new moves. Obviously the difference from T6 is that now you can tag between two characters, that means you'll have to master two characters too which can also be challenging, but you can always choose one character. If you choose one and you're up against two, don't worry as you'll have more health and you'll also be stronger so it's pretty balanced up.
You can still break walls and fall into another areas and a cool thing about TTT2 is pair play where you can play up to four players! There's a lot of getting used to and team work but it's all fun.
(Loading is much faster)

There's no actual story but endings are still here for each character, you can get them by passing Arcade Mode.
Also included is Fight Lab, here you play as Combot only. It's like a mini story but actually it's like practice, it teaches you how to tag, juggle a bit and do basic moves, it also tests you and in the end of every level it gives you a grade. I personally found it annoying and didn't enjoy Fight Lab much, Tagging practice was all I found useful.
You'll have the opportunity to tune/modify Combot, purchase other characters moves and in the end it's like you created your own character, it's a cool feature they put but I didn't take much interest in it.

Offline mode includes the usual stuff, survivor, team, arcade, ghost and practice. Online mode can be played either friendly or with promotion chances (Win&Lose thing) or you can join a group, two player pair play can be played here too.
There is also character customize (you can set up to 10 costumes each character) & beside customization you can change a stage background music.

Tekken is a great game but it can be frustrating when it comes to juggling and spamming, it gives spammers a chance to spam and the endless juggling makes me want to stop playing especially online. I must admit, I am not bad at Tekken but I don't live to play it all day everyday if you know what I mean. I do believe you need a skill but let's not exaggerate now Namco.

World Tekken Federation, surprisingly WTF in short is something you first need to register online if I'm not mistaken. I took also took no interest in registering as I didn't feel the need to.

In-game graphics are great to look at and improved a lot from T6, the endings however don't look as great as the in-game sometimes. Some endings are either downgraded or sketch/drawing type of thing, it really doesn't fall under one specific theme and I personally don't like it but I can understand the downgrade since there are so many characters.

Not really my taste but the music in TTT2 is without a doubt, very catchy. As mentioned before, you can now change a stages background music to another, a little interesting add on but not much to it.

It's fun for a while but it gets repetitive and as explained before regarding the spamming and juggling it can get frustrating. I'm not the type of gamer who will spend a whole day practicing just to beat up others and gain a point in my Winning bar but I do like to keep a Tekken game at home as it's a great to play sometimes or when a friend comes over.

Customization is cool, you can make any color on almost anything, but many items are very ridiculous and plain stupid, DLC should be coming up soon for more neat and silly items.

DLC is said to be completely free, if not than they can keep their rotten items.

There are many many characters, including the DLC. Humans, Drunkards, Doppelgangers, Robots, Chainsaws, Bears and Kangaroos, Dinosaur, Cursed Humans this and that... I'm sure you can relate to at least one character right?
Nina Williams is all I need =)

Hope you enjoyed my honest review.