Takes fighting games to a whole new level of high energy competition.

User Rating: 10 | Tekken Tag Tournament 2 PS3
I just finished playing for a bit and I have to say that I'm extremely impressed by TTT2. There are more characters in this Tekken than any other and they've brought back a few of the classics like Forrest Law, Jun, and Alex. Plus there will be a bunch more available via DLC. In all matches you can play with one or two characters vs one or two opponents. If you choose only one, you have about 50% more life to mess with. Of the characters I've played, they seem to have all the moves and are a little better optimized from Tekken 6 (for example, Raven's air teleport attacks activate much faster now). In addition, each character has a few new combos added to their arsenal.

So far, tagging in this game is MUCH easier and fluid than games like SFxTekken. There are several different ways to take advantage of it including just pressing Tag and swapping characters, pressing tag immediately after a launcher, tagging immediately after a bounce, or pressing right punch and tag which does a special tag team throw based on your current two characters. In addition, there are a few secret tag combos that can only be executed with "friends" like Law and Paul. All the tag combos look pretty amazing and it definitely adds a very welcome high energy element to the fighting game genre.

The game also comes packed with Offline and Online features including the amazing Ghost Mode - which is the best way to train yourself, Time Attack, Practice Modes, Vs Mode, and you can even setup your own music for fights. For those of you unfamiliar with juggles, bounces, and tagging, there is a really great Combot tutorial which will take you through all the basics of these types of moves. My only complaint is that some of the last chapter tutorials could have used some visual tips to help get the timing right. TIP: It's MUCH easier to press Tag during the launch or bounce animation than before as it states.

One of the other interesting features that I didn't get to play around with too much was that you can customize your Combot with moves from characters in your current Tekken roster. So for example, you can give him some of Xiaoyu's moves, mixed with Hwoarang's kicks, Law's throws, and Yoshimitsu's spin attacks. The system does have some limitations and it will take careful consideration to come up with an excellent super bot, but it adds another welcome layer of customization to your fighting roster.

Overall I'm really impressed and I can't wait to get my hands on some of the Downloadable Content (DLC) characters and of course to earn game money and customize my favorite looks (which you can save 2 of for each character for a total of 4 looks).