Get Ready For The Next Battle

User Rating: 8 | Tekken Tag Tournament 2 PS3

What can I say about Tekken Tag Tournament 2? It's a great fighting game overall. It's well-rounded, it's what you expect out of a fighing game like Tekken. a large roster of more than 40 characters, tons of customization options, ending movies that are fun to watch, some of them hilarious, others make no sense. There's some pretty good music from the menu screen to the character select. Arenas have remixes of songs from early Tekken games and others are just incredible to listen to. There is no story in this game but then when it came to game like this, I could have cared less about the story. I know that there's a Mishima Zaibatsu, even a G Corporation but that's irrelevant in this game. I don't remember much of the first Tekken Tag except for its good roster of characters and that it used Tekken 3 mechanics. There was also a bowling mini game. Shamefully, there isn't anything like that in this game except for the Wii U version that has a volleyball game thing which is unfortunately, exclusive to the Wii U version. This game looks incredible and it's arguably one of the best looking fighting games of last generation. From the arenas to the characters, a lot of time and effort went into this game and it really shows. Now I'll talk about the heart of the game and that's how it plays. Well, the game plays very similar to Tekken 6 even though it's not using the Tekken 6 engine whatsoever. There is a new feature called the Tag Assault in which you will execute a typical bound like in Tekken 6 but with the tag button, you switch to your second character and follow up while the other character will end the combo. There's a Fight Lab which teaches players how to do these attacks. The onlne matches are actually very good. At least 8 or 9 times out of 10, you will have a good online connection whether it's on 360 or PS3, it doesn't really matter. Online matches are pretty good and I haven't ran into many laggy connections. I like fighting games even though I'm not cometitively good at them and this game is definitely one of my favorites.