The good old Tekken we all grew up with and loved

User Rating: 8 | Tekken Tag Tournament 2 PS3
After being disapointed with Tekken 6, I was waiting for TTT2 to get my tekken fix for this gen, and trust me it was worth all the wait and the hype

Presentation- The menus are good looking and easy to navigate. In TTT2 you will find the biggest roster in any Tekken game to date consisting of almost 60 characters (series veterans and some new ones like Slim Bob and jaycee, who is the alter-ego of Julia). Some characters are essentially clones of other ones but that is not a bad thing. I also love the pre-fight intro scenes where fighters taunt each others or drop their signature one-liners.

Graphics- A major step up from tekken 6's "last gen" graphics. The animation is top notch and I was particularly impressed that fighters can get wet or dirty if the stage has mud/water etc. In comparison with other fighting games only SCV has the upper hand in the graphics department

Sound- I loved the fact that now all fighters speak in their native language which makes the game a ton more realistic and immersive. The sound effects during a fight are very well done as well. I'm not a big fan of this game's OST but it's a good thing that they let you import your own songs through the game. Also, if you're feeling nostalgic you can buy past tekken games OSTs for a price at the PS Store

Gameplay- Let's begin with game modes first...Compared to your average current gen fighter TTT2 offers a good deal of single player content (it's not Mortal Kombat though), but the absence of a pure 1vs1 mode like the previous installment is a major turn off for me, also using ghosts (customized characters) in arcade mode makes the game seem a little goofy at times. I also enjoyed Fight Lab (the game's main tutorial/story mode) although it's very short and can be completed in less than 4 hours...Gameplay wise TTT2 is a great step forward from T6's mishaps concerning the rage system and god-tier characters. The tag mechanics are not very easy to get into but once you get familiar with them you will realize the game's true potential and you will have a lot of fun combining different characters and unlocking new combos!

Online- Maybe it's my connection but I am really having a hard time finding a match, and when I finally get into one there is lag which prohibits any kind of techincal play. The majority of players you will encounters are your typical fighting game rent-a-combo clowns and move spammers, so It's better to play private matches with your friends.

Lasting Appeal- With a roster of 60 characters, respectable single player content and online (if it works for you) you'll be spending a lot of time with TTT2. Get Ready for the Next Battle!

The Verdict
+Huge Roster
+Impressive graphics and animation
+Classic Tekken top-notch gameplay enhanced with innovative tag-mechanics
-Online is inconsistent
-Game feels goofy and non-serious at times due to the silly looking ghosts that appear in arcade and other modes