Your main character(s) and team(s)?

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Who is your main character(s) and team(s)? For me, it's Lili for solo and for team, it's just been Lili + Jun so far, but I plan to try out more soon. It'll probably still be them though.

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I tried Lili earlier, i'm just not very good with her! My main team is Hwaorang and Baek. It used to be Hwaorang and Kunimitsu but we don't have that DLC yet :(.
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My highest-ranked team is Lars and Kazuya, although I also had a lot of fun with Marduk and Bryan.

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Forest Law and Feng or Jinpachi and Feng Wei... Been using Hwoarang for solo though
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Solo I use either Jin or Jun, either one works for me. though I do have a tendency to just pick jin since that was my main in T6.

Team would have to be Jin and Jun. :D

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kaz/hei and devil jin/jin :twisted:

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Lili + Angel seems to be another main team of mine now.