Ultra Hard Difficulty

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Sunday Night:


What the F*%$ is this??


The computer is counterattacking every F%$^#*# move that I do all F$#^$&% round long for 10 rounds!!


A ninja had my ninja's over yesterday and got our Kunai's handed to us by the computer on Ultra Difficulty.


We have been playing Tekken since you could jump 15ft in the air...essentially since Tekken 1 so we know the game and its mechanics yet we could not win last night.


What part of a jutsu is dat??!


Has anyone else had the same problem? What the F$%& ninja's?

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can't tell if you're being sarcastic or serioues tbh, with all the talk about ninjas and whatnot...


the thing about CPU in fighting games is it reads your moves, so if you're attacking all the time, ofc the CPU is gonna block/counter everything.

however, I don't think TTT2's CPU is that ridiculous. sure it can always break off throws, and can do high damage combos, but it keeps falling for certain moves. you can also whiff punish or block punish.


try Legend mode in DOA5, now that is a ridiculous CPU lol

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Being absolutely serious with this unfortunately... Both me and my brothers tried just blocking and whiff punishing and the computer found a way to break our guard by doing a low. The team we had all the trouble with was Paul and Leo. Leo has this retarded move where it can hit both High and Low. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you haven't either played Tekken 6 or played against Leo. I swear we tried both tactics even side walking and then all the computer would do would be full circle moves. IT WAS RIDICULOUS! Either you attack and immediately the computer does a counterattack that ALWAYS comes out faster than yours or you block and the computer opens you up with a Low or a Throw. There is no human in the world that could be as efficient to constantly do a counter attack each and EVERY time you attack and do a full circle move each and EVERY time you side step. We are Tekken veterans and gave up... If you think I'm playing or just a noob try arcade mode out on Ultra Difficulty and see how far you get. Don't be a pu&%y and lie and said you beat the game on that mode either.

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oh Leo and Paul lol they're both a pain!

I have a problem with Leo too, and i think I know which move are you talking about, it is pretty annoying. so what I do against Leo is I become extremly diffensive! until I find an oppening.

as for throws, I still eat them 95% of times lol

and paul with his ridiculous damage, especially in rage mode :O


yeah ofc I have finished arcade mode under Ultra hard. had to try again today but unfortunatly didn't encounter Leo, only once in ghost battle. I still find Jun way more annoying though.


I think the problem might be with pair play! since it is more difficult to manage your tagging and timing. unless you and your friend have a very good colaboration. have you tried clearing it on your own?


who do you main btw? Kuni and Raven? :P

I main Xiaoyu and I find her b+2,2 (which I can follow up with a WS2* then juggle) and her b+4~4 pretty useful against CPU. and a lot of time ss+4 which knocks them down as a CH and leave them open to a ws2 launch.


also, make good use of running attacks such as fff,3 or fff1+2 when the opponent is tagging out. since when they tag out, and the other characer comes in, they don't have control over it for a short time, which leaves them very open to any attack, especially running attacks!

a friend kept doing that to me online so I learned from him XD


well best of luck Ninja, keep fighting ;)

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My ninja much appreciated! Those that can feel my pain in this game are certainly down for the ninja cause! I havent tried to play the Arcade on Ultra alone though...I concern myself with honing my skills thru practice before I even take the computer on... insane like that! That's one thing I love and hate about Tekken though the ridiculously trolled up characters the tiers that exist and then to top it all off the freaking Rage mode. That's probably why I headed my kunai over to Virtua Fighter 5 FS. I'm put that in repeat for a while so I can calm myself down and not use a ninjutsu on Namco. Main characters surprisingly are ...... Well you'll find out if you ever play me! BTW thats a cool little trick/spam move I'll give that a try!
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Why do people think Ultra Hard difficulty is...ultra hard?  It's called "exploiting the computer" difficulty.  So easy to just spam them to death lol.

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If only that were true...sigh... me and my bro's tried everything against those MF's and got our asses handed to us every single damn time! The computer knew what button we pressed and what throw we were attempting at the press of the button and either countered it or got out of the throw. Every single time! I moved on to UMVC 3 tired of the clone crap Namco pulls out of the box with this one anyways!

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An excellent strategy on the computer on Ultra hard is always mixing it up. It will always break your throws so don't worry about that. It also does a good job of reading if you're going to try and do launcher and moves that are punisable on block and will actually try and help you get away from these moves. The best thing ultra hard mode tries to help you with is becoming familiar with the strategy of side stepping (everyone has a weakness when it comes to side stepping but you have to figure out if it's to the left or right) and then poking. On training mode I use Bob and then I play against charcters that frustrate me like Christi, Lee, Alisa, and Kuma. My goal is to get 10,000 hit points to their 2,000 on ultra hard and have session over session doing this. It teaches me excellent strat's to beat those characters and also how to properly poke them. 

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Wow super insightful and much appreciated! Thanks for this my Ninja! Also I had gotten away from this game due to the cheap tactics and over cloned characters. I needed something with a little more variety like UMVC 3 or VF 5. I cant wait until Injustice comes out as well. If there are any PS3 players out there please add me and let's fight!

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CPU will almost always use unsafe moves now and then, study them and punish accordingly.