Tiger Jackson Dissappointment

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Don't get me wrong,Tiger is one of my personal Favorite characters in the Tekken series and I was more than happy to see him Back in Tekken (Not Just A Costume For Eddy) but the two most disappointing factors about Tiger Is 1.No Customize-able Clothing Options and 2.NO ENDING/1.I know the Wii U version has a Toad Costume for Tiger but I wanted regular Clothing Options and 2.I was At least Hoping for Tiger's ending to be a dancing scene. So That's Tiger
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yeah I noticed the no-ending last night, also noticed he doesn't come in bizarre clothing in ghost battle XD

Dunno why would he be an exception though, even Sebastian has them, but I guess at least they brought him back.

Maybe because we already have Eddy and Christie with the same fighting style.

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Its really Frustrating though :( This was the Character I was most excited for :(
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Yeah, I noticed that too. It's weird. It's almost if if they added him really late into the game and didn't have enough time to add his own ending and customizations.