Tekken Hybrid Bonuses

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So, I read that if you had save data from Tekken hybrid that you got some bonuses on ttt2. Was it simply a rumour then or have I done something wrong? I only ask because I have the save data but I can't find the specified items. Incase you're wondering what they were they were just some skins from blood vengeance, nonetheless I would have appreciated having them as a little "thank you for buying this".
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Yeah I have red that too, and I do have the save data, but the only thing I got was character panal art for the charcaters that were in the movie, nothing else! (the pictures that show in the VS screen)

my thought:

- That is it! and sombody was jumping the gun by saying outfits from the prolouge will be available and Shin Kamiya will be playable... etc.

-OR, we might get that updated in the 9th of Ocotober DLC, which said to have stages, characters, customizations and online related stuff.

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TEKKEN®Tag Tournament 2 Prologue, a new stand-alone fighting game vignette in TEKKENs classic Tag Tournament style, will feature four playable characters that appear in the upcoming movie TEKKEN® Blood Vengeance 3D; Alisa, Xiaoyu, Devil Kazuya and an unannounced character. Each character will have a costume directly from the movie that will be exclusive to TEKKEN®Hybrid, plus a costume from how the characters appear in TEKKEN® Tag Tournament 2, which is currently only available in arcades across Japan. fuente: http://www.namcobandaigames.com/console/tekken-hybrid search un features... this is not a rumor, this is not acomplish a promise!!!