Savegame Issues (X360)

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Hey guys,

A freind of mine with whom i shared my Kunimitsu/True Ogre dlc with now has savegame problems.

The following message pops up at the start of the game:

could not load downlodable content data used in this save data, this save data cannot be used.

press the xbox guide button to quit the game and download the content from xbox live marketplace again.

So he deleted the dlc, redownloaded it with my profile and the message still pops up.

Keep in mind that the DLC works and the message pops up about 4 days after crating and using the save.

His Xbox is mostly used offline and he applied the update both times.

Can he somehow save his data? He already began anew once and doesnt want to do it again.

Thx for the help

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Does it work without the dlc installed?