Lili x Ganryu? Ridiculous!

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#1 mrcatrulzizcool
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I am simply sickened by the fact that people think that Lili likes ganryu and that they might have a relationship. Their "evidence" is that in DR, lili told ganryu his eyebrows looked like her father's, after she defeats him she puts his head on her lap and says that he has a muscular face but can't fight, in TTT2, lili's special win pose with ganryu looks like she is "lusting" over him, and she "likes" ganryu on the allegiance chart. Now, I shall tell you people why Lili absolutely would NEVER have a crush on ganryu or seek a romantic relationship with him. 1. He's freaking obese and almost 40 YEARS older than her. Think about that for a minute. Really? 2. There is no proof Lili actually likes ( as in has a crush on) ganryu. She simply thinks that his eyebrows remind her of her father in DR. If she has any interest in the sumo at all, she probably only thinks he's cute (as in cute like an animal) cause he's so fat and round, thus explaining the part where she puts his head on her lap. (girls in real life often talk about how cute the fat nerd of the class is but never seek a relationship with the class fatty.) 3. If she really did have a crush on ganryu, why did she do NOTHING about it in a whole year( from Tekken 5DR- Tekken 6)? Yes, the sumo is only interested in Julia, but if she did like him so much she would've followed him around like she does with Asuka or at least talked to him, but she did none of that. 4. The TTT2 special win pose can be interpreted in many ways: her expression might not be one of lust, but of sadness, because his eyebrows suddenly reminded her of how her father is struggling because the Mishimas took over his company's oil fields. Perhaps the win pose is simply a joke from Namco not meant to be taken seriously (most win poses are jokes anyways, like Devil Jin and Asuka's, where DJ fires a laser at Asuka.) 5. The allegiance/netsu system in TTT2 is mostly random, and many parts of it don't even make sense. 6. Either way, TTT2 is completely non-canon, so no character interactions and no events are canon to the official Tekken plot.