Jun/Unknown is hard on EASY MODE?

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Damn. We got big-ass Azazel in Tekken 6. Now we have Jun and Unknown who juggle and combo the hell outta you as the final boss. What happened to HAVING A CHANCE OF WINNING against the final bosses, Harada?

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Try blocking and punishing where possible, you'll get it :)

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Think of the satisfaction when you win. :0

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I like to smash her with Paul (shoulder, Neutron Bomb, Hangover, but Phoenix Smasher doesn't seem to work and she always catches any kicks) any other suggestions?

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Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. Seriously, I have to use at least 5 continues or more before I finally beat her. Jun/Unknown is freaking cheap as hell in this game. I don't mind challenging bosses, but at least make it fair!

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I know she is hard, this game in general is way more difficult than tekken 6.
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I only loose to her when not using my fav character. If i use my fav character i can get a perfect victory easily
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I had to use a few continues against them on Easy difficulty as well, but then I ended up getting a Perfect on Unknown when I finally did beat her.

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That's usually how it goes. Jinpachi was a **** to beat in Tekken 5. Then we had Azazel in Tekken 6, and now Unknown is back. Oh well, I just look forward to the DLC of her. At least there are pictures of more characters rumoured to be dlc.
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I still find Azazel to be the hardest.

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Just spam a string that most people would block offline that isnt a natural combo.  Paul for example if you spam ff+2,2 she would always get hit by the 2nd hit and you get a free juggle.  Lather rinse and repeat, as easy as that :)  

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The last stage (boss) is such a pain! She spams the s*** out! But I always beat her cause I keep Nina in my party, always get the

character you know how to use best or else just chose one character and see how it goes! Goodluck!