DLC plans didn't quite work out.

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So, did any of you hear about how the European playstation store got early access to the the dlc? Luckily I was one of the ones to grab it while I could. Therefore, doesn't that defeat the purpose of the pre-orders quite a bit? Not only have other people gained early access to the free dlc, but also downloaded all of it that has currently been made. So much for the 3 month wait, aye? Quite a kick in the nuts for some of you who were looking forward to being among the first to get the extra content. Not that I regret my pre order in the slightest, nor do I have plans of cancelling it.
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Well, since I pre-ordered the game, I'll get the DLC either way, so it doesn't really bother me too much.

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Well I didn't pre order. Just went to the shop today and got myself the steelbook edition.