It's Tekken, Ported perfectly to the PSP.

User Rating: 9.3 | Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP
Pros: Best graphical showcase on the PSP, it plays just like Tekken should play, New characters are fun to play, Tekken Dojo offers very many hours, ad-hoc mode works perfectly
Cons: D-Pad can be a probablem at first, no Infrustucture mode aside from rankings, extra modes from PS2 version wasn't able to fit.

Handhelds + Fighting games usually doesn't come out with a good result. Usually, a D-Pad doesn't work well for 2D games and most 3D games are hard to play without an actual Analog stick.

But then again, when you think of Tekken on the PSP, it's hard to go wrong(Since Tekken on consoles uses D-Pad over analog sticks).

The wait is over, and Tekken is out, and it's beyond amazing.

It plays like Tekken.. even though the D-Pad on the PSP is a little bit more seperated, it works really well when you get used to it. And of coarse, it's actually fun to play over and over for hours.

The first mode to talk about is Story Mode. This was on the PS2 version and is for unlocking all the ending movies for each characters... even though you can unlock all the movies just by buying them with money you earn on every other gameplay mode. This is also the only mode you can play the games boss, Jinpachi(who looks different in the PSP version for some reason)

Then there is an Arcade mode, where you just keep fighting people back to back untill you can't fight any more. What's interesting is that after every match, you have a choice of 3 characters to choose from to fight next, or you can just exit the mode all together.

The new mode for the PSP that is exclusive to them is the Tekken Dojo. This is where you pick one character and send him through 6 dojo's. Each dojo has you competing in leagues and then when your rank is high eneough, you can compete in a tournament. If you win the tournament, you move onto the next Dojo, this mode offers plenty of competition and replayability.

Tekken also has a handful of other modes that you can play through.. of them, the best is Tekken Bowling... I can't explain it, but it's addictive for some reason...

Tekken's graphics are nearly identical to the PS2 graphics. Of coarse it slows down during the opening and closing's of the fights, but you barely notice it. Also, the load times won't take over 8 seconds ever, which is really good and rare on the PSP.

The things I will complain about it is that their is no online mode other than rankings.. even though you can get all you need to out of the game itself, it would of been nice if they would have tried to make an online verse mode..

also, the PS2 version had Tekken 1, 2, and 3 on it, and the PSP version has none of those.. they might have run out of room, but I would have loved to see it..

Overall, this is a must buy for fans of fighting games.. if you have a PSP, and missed out on Tekken 5 on PS2, you should consider this game.