The PSP version of Tekken 6 is a fast and sublime as the console counterpart.

User Rating: 8.5 | Tekken 6 PSP
+ The combat is great and fluid
+ Incredibly accessible for all kind of players
+ Great visuals make the movement look incredibly fluid and realistic
+ Plenty of interesting new characters added to an already big roster

- Lack mode variety

The long-running Tekken franchise has been an accessible, popular and highly entertaining 3D fighting game since the PlayStation One era. Now with the '6th' installment, the PSP version is still the most recommendable fighter around with superb hand-to-hand combat that open-handedly welcomes players of all skills, adding a few terrific new characters and holding a great visual design. It may lack the much needed mode variety in this version, but this is Tekken at its finest.

At its heart, Tekken is meant to be a fighter, and this PSP version is exactly that in every regard. Unfortunately what this port lacks is mode variety. Tekken 6 for the PSP offers a classic arcade mode where you choose a character and fight against the AI in a series of matches, a Ghost battle where you can advance or change your character after the match and a story mode. The story is considerably shorter than the one of Tekken 5 and each character has his/her own story, starting with a dialogue and animated pictures and ending with a gorgeous CG. Those are the only modes, except that you can play against a friend via Wi-Fi but the number of stages is very limited. That said, there is no mode similar to Devil Within from Tekken 5, but that could be a good thing.

Do you like Tekken? That is the one question you need to ask. Yes, Tekken's signature fast and sublime combat is back, refined and accessible as it ever was. It's incredibly accessible for beginners (or lazy guys) to button-mash and difficult to master. Pressing random buttons is easy, but it's much more satisfying to manage to pull a 10 move combo and a convincing win to boot. Tekken 6 uses the same array of buttons from the console version and previous installment, with the square and triangle buttons for punches and gabs while the circle and X button has used for kicks. Attacks vary from character to character, and there is even a character who uses a form of evasive maneuver when pressing either the circle or X instead of kicking.

Tekken's roster has always been one of the best in the fighting genre, and now the roster gets some superb new characters that are more likely to win over players that have been away from Tekken and all characters in Tekken 6 are unlocked from the beginning, so there is not the hassle of playing through the story mode to unlock your favorite character. One of the new characters, Alisa is an android that can detach some body parts and replace her with chainsaws, and Bob, an obese and big man has incredible agility for his size. Those two, along with the others fit well in the roster of highly capable fighters. The whole gameplay feels familiar, but I found myself liking Tekken 6 more than its must-esteemed predecessor.

As a PSP title, Tekken 6 fares quite well visually. Fighter movements are lucid and realistic and the backgrounds, including new ones look great. After victory cutscenes look as impressive but some facial expression might be done slightly better to have a more realistic approach. The soundtrack is as good as ever, with loads of new tunes perfectly fitting most stages. Once again, voice acting varies from English to Japanese and Chinese.

Tekken 6 for the PSP is more than a solid port from the console versions, it is a fitting game for the handheld that plays extremely well and is as ever incredibly fun to play against the AI, and now even as much fun (if not more) to play against a friend. There are very little annoyances for newcomers or veterans will find a comfortably familiar albeit improved installments with plenty of fresh new fighters.


Graphics = 8.4
It is not quite the stunning achievement the console version was, but for a PSP game this is still quite a pretty game with incredibly realistic and fluid animation.

Sound = 8.2
Fitting soundtrack and multi-lingual voice acting. As ever sound effects pack equal punch as the delivered punch.

Gameplay = 8.8
Same old Tekken with a healthy dose of interesting new characters. Still accessible to anyone who never played a fighting game but difficult to master. It is all that on the go.

Fun = 8.5
I was never a big fan of Tekken and a hater of button-mashing fighting games. But unlike Tekken 5 on the PS2, Tekken 6 is much more fun than its renowned predecessor

OVERALL = 84 / 100
The PSP version of Tekken 6 is a fast and sublime as the console counterpart.