A good game! A very satisfying 3D fighter! Tekken is Back! This is the Year of Fighting Game!!!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Tekken 6 PS3
Enjoying the game thoroughly now. I enjoyed SF4. Now I'm enjoying Tekken 6. A great game with lots of characters with great varying moves. A good online experience (it is working just fine for me)! Smooth character animation! I needed a good 3D fighter and this is it!

There are over 40 characters (including the Panda and Bear options) and tons of customization options to choose from. The in-game animation is great and smooth. The background animation sometimes do look less polished I have to admit but, the battle is so intense that I have hard time paying attention to that.

I enjoyed the online battle to begin with. Now, I'm going to start digging deeper to learn more moves, earn some fight money to collect custom parts to dress my character up.

The only two hold-ups are: not having offline co-op mode for the single player mode (will be free DLC later I heard). and the single player campaign mode is not that enjoyable.

However, the game is solid solid solid! It is a top fighting and it delivers what it needs to deliver!