Let's get this out of the way. Tekken 6, is not for everybody.

User Rating: 9 | Tekken 6 PS3
Let's face it, if you've been playing Tekken 5 to get ready for Tekken 6, you're gonna get real bored real fast. Tekken 6 doesn't really bring in anything new, so you might get bored of the core gameplay quickly. It DID however, bring in a bajillion extras that you can collect. When I mean Bajillion, I mean more than a trillion. There are TONS of this to collect in this game, just like soul calibur IV, you'll be able to unlock those things to customize any of the 40 characters in the game. It's not for everybody, but it IS sorta fun giving someone a broadsword they'll never use.

The Good:
- Graphics are a little improved.
- Core gameplay is still a blast to play if you're not bored of it by now.
- Solid content of extras.
- Scenario campaign is a hit or miss for some people.
- Online has more than one mode, which is excellent.
- Christie Montiero :)

The Bad:
- Online sometimes is a LAGFEST. The slightest lag can ruin your game.
- Some characters got REALLY de-graded.
- Again, scenario campaign is a hit or miss.
- If you're bored of Tekken 5, you'll be bored of this.

See, I know that this is a really good game. I like this, it's a solid game, and I think everyone who's new in the series would LOVE it. It's actually the BEST in the series. But I'm an avid Tekken player with my friends, so buying this kinda made me thought that it was the same old, and I just couldn't get really into it yet. The online worked really bad for me, so... sadface :( . But honestly, I know deep, deep deep down I think it's a great game. If you never played Tekken before... buy it :)