Very well put together

User Rating: 10 | Tekken 6 PS3
This game seems like there is so much to it in the console versions. There seems to be a lot to unlock and they mainly focus on fighting, not going back unlocking characters and bios which is a good thing. The fighting element to it is a little different from the others but more improved, animations and detailing in the backgrounds are crazy flashy. The best part about this franchise is being a big king/armor king fan you have to go back and relearn all the new throw chains which is going to take some time plus they ALWAYS change the timing up on it to make things even more better. Yeah I've seen baek and the other kick attack guys do all these air combo chains but once you get down the parrying (either for your character or any other character) things will be squared off. King is very unmerciful against kick attacks and Armor King doesn't take too kind to people throwing jabs at him. Cant forget Paul either because he will just take you down to the floor every single time. Overall good game and as with fighters not much to go over but strategies and learning the new timing for certain moves. So let's get to it!, hope to see you all at the end of the week with tekken blisters online!.