Tekken 6 could have been the best tekken game but some problems keep it away from greatness

User Rating: 9 | Tekken 6 PS3
Tekken 6 could have been the best tekken game if they fixed the multiplayer as you can tell by playing it it has a very laggy online multiplayer and its very hard to find a 4 bar connection game and the Scenario Campaign is awesome although Tekken Force & Devil Within are better and its a great distraction for earning money for upgrades although one of the major problems are a few cheap boss battles or stages such as the final battle we are suppose to fight Jin only not his Tekken Force and Nightmare train is a pain in the a**...there is a story battle which can be unlocked through scenario campaign its called arena it has 4 stages but no interludes i think there were suppose to be interludes in all 4 stages that would make the story more interesting and the endings of most people are terrible and very short could be 30 seconds or less although the gameplay of tekken 6 is amazing you can now juggle an opponent and drain more health but its a shame about the multiplayer though we cant play good if we are having this stupid lag and sadly they havent fixed that even after 3 years nonetheless tekken 6 is an amazing game its the 5th best in the series behind Tag Tournament,Tekken 4,Tekken 3 and Tekken 5..... i give it a 9.1/10