User Rating: 8.5 | Tekken 6 PS3
i love tekken i've played 1-6 (with the excusion of tag team) i thought 4 was the best but when this came out i had to pick it up! anyway i play it on ultra hard (and you should too) and they way they move is beautiful..LADIES AND GENTLEMEN TONIGHT'S MATCH IS GOOD VS BAD!

GOOD! (150 pounds) YAY! (10 total)

#1 huge list of characters...(you can have infinite matchups)
#2 lots of customazation! (for their appearence)
#3 great locations for fighting
#4 they way they fight goes into perfect flow and form.(and isn't sloppy and out of place.)
#5 the cutscenes are AMAZING!
#6 new characters added to the boiling pot of fighters promise great results.
#7 the story mode is suprisingly good.
#8 really in depth customazation..(hehichi can be clean shaven or kazuya can have a normal eye.)
#9 it continues from the previous games referencing the characters endings from tekken 5.
#10 the look of the characters is amazing the models are very well detailed!

THE BAD (200 pounds) BOO! (5 total)
#1 not many fighting locations..10 locations..
#2 some of the locations are from the other games and have been redone.
#3 fighting sometimes seems clunky in story mode.
#4 to get the items for customazation you either have to find them randomly on story mode or buy them..but to get the money you need ain't easy.
#5 even on easy some levels in story mode are impossible.


it's an amazing game greatly detailed to the folicules in the fighter's hair..the story is incredible..and they way the fighters move is amazing it's so realistic i mean they take the time to perform the move and then release it.the endings are hilarious! .and i can't wait until tekken 7 to see what happens!