Some of the best Tekken gameplay I've experienced,surprisingly good story presentation but has problematic online play

User Rating: 8 | Tekken 6 PS3
I was a big fan of Tekken 2 through to Tekken 5 and also enjoyed the first Tekken Tag Tournament game.As for Tekken 6,well it's an incredibly deep fighting game with an enormous number of different moves for each character and it has a lot of technical depth too because even though it allows the players to easily pull off combos,the longer combos are more intricate and require move skill.I think something like over 40 characters that are available to be used right from the start.I've noticed CPU opponents are much tougher than they were in Tekken 5,even on easy difficulty the CPU opponents can punish you with long combos and juggles if you make mistakes.The rage system was introduced in Tekken 6 which is when your character is very low on health they will do a lot more damage with their attacks to keep the battle interesting but so it's fair the rage system usually happens when the character is one hit away from being KOed.There is a very tough bonus boss which is a giant robot which you don't need to beat(if you lose it doesn't count as a game over)and the final boss...well I won't spoil it for you but I'll say it's very powerful and cheap and makes Jinpachi from Tekken 5 look like a pushover.

As for the game's fun factor,(well as for arcade mode and the ghost battles and survival mode and team battles)I've found the game fun and it's gameplay is definitely better than the gameplay in all the Tekken games released before Tekken 5 due to it's deeper fighting mechanics.However,I must admit I enjoyed Tekken 5 more because I liked it's environments and music more.

The game also features a scenario mode which could could last 3 to 5 hours depending on how good you are because it's very challenging in the later stages and unless you're a very good player you'll need to farm items to be able to beat it.Basically scenario mode is a beat em up style version of the game in which you'll face numerous enemies and the other characters will be bosses and Alisa will be your companion and basically scenario mode is very story driven with lots of cutscenes and manga style presentation scenes and the story mainly focuses on Lars and Alisa but you can choose another character instead of Lars but Alisa comes with you most of the time as an A.I controlled partner.You can use the special moves of your characters in scenario mode and you can upgrade your characters stats with items which increase their HP,defense,how much damage they inflict and receive and give them elemental properties into their attacks by finding items in the levels,but really it's a necessity instead of an option if you want to beat scenario mode unless you're a very good player.Scenario mode is fun because it's fun laying waste to lots of enemies while using moves of which ever character you want to use.Scenario mode has annoying things about it though such as the character you're controlling will often try to hit only one enemy at a time and even though you can lock onto another enemy when you're confronted by numerous enemies it allows them to get cheap hits on you since your character often won't try to attack enemies they haven't locked onto and it's annoying.Also,there is other annoyances such as when I use special moves and miss the enemy sometimes my character will fall into the water and it's game over.Also,it's annoying when boxes or other objects fall from above and remove some of your health and encourage you to slowly walk and it slows things down.

You can use objects such as pipe,high-powered gun,flame-thrower as weapons and it's very helpful to utilize this weapons too.

I must admit the main reason I enjoyed scenario mode is because of it's story and the Tekken series actually has quite a good story but it's story doesn't get a lot of attention,maybe because the Tekken series is a fighting game series and people pay more attention to it's gameplay than it's story or they assume a fighting game can't have a good story.The story for the Tekken series uses supernatural elements and Sci Fi elements quite well and have lots of interesting characters.I also like how the story shows events from Tekken 1-5 to fill you in on what's happened.

As for it's online play,I must admit I've had a hard time enjoying Tekken 6's online play because it seems a majority of players I play against are veterans and very skilled(I can tell by their win/loss rate)maybe it's because I didn't start playing this game until June 2013 and all the casual Tekken 6 players have all stopped playing since the game is nearly 4 years old.I tried to use the filter so the only human opponents I could play would have a similar ranking to me but the searches didn't find any people so I was constantly going against veterans who were very skilled and it took nearly 20 online fights and losing all of those fights before I fought a couple of online opponents who were new to the game(I saw the dates they earned their trophies for the game which showed they had started playing the game around the same time as me)and I was able to beat them.Also the online is often very laggy to the point it's almost unplayable because the moves are unresponsive even though my internet connection is very fast and even when it said the connection with the other human opponent was good.

On the otherhand,when I played Tekken Revolution,it's online was much better because when I used the filter search to search for online opponents who were within 3 ranking levels higher or lower than me I constantly found such opponents and could beat numerous opponents and although I lost lots of fights too at least I was usually in with a decent chance of winning because it was easier to find an evenly ranked opponent.So it's kinda hard for me to judge Tekken 6's online fairly since maybe many of the people who bought Tekken 6 years ago aren't playing it anymore and most of the people who do still play it are skilled veterans who can easily beat up on lesser skilled players or maybe it's because Tekken Revolution is free to play so it has many casuals playing it.I haven't experienced many lag problems with Tekken Revolution's online play but Tekken 6's online play is constantly laggy.

As for the visuals,on a technical level they look more detailed and cleaner than any Tekken game released before Tekken 6,but I didn't get the same great atmospheric feel that I got when I played Tekken 2,3,4,5 because even though on a technical level the graphics for Tekken 6 look better than any Tekken game before it,I didn't like the atmospheres or artstyles for the environments as much as the ones in the Tekken games before it.I mean,even though Tekken 2's graphics looks blocky and dated now,I loved seeing the Korean countryside.In Tekken 3 I loved the tropical beach stage.In Tekken 4 there was some cool shopping mall and tropical environments.Tekken 5 had some beautiful flowerfields with the bright-purple flowers and they blended beautifully with the sky and Tekken 5 had awesome music.

I love the music for the final boss in Tekken 6 though,it's quite beautiful in an eery kind of way.

Overall,it's single player is great but it's hard to judge it's online play fairly but it's great story elements make the experience quite a bit more pleasurable and the game can be picked up for quite cheap now.