Tekken 6 Money Guide

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Due to some very lame answers I found trying to search what rage gear does in campaign mode, I just had to post some where in the interwebs a legit money making guide. I tried making new topic, but didn't have access. Step 1- Beat or nearly complete campaign mode. Step 2- Equip you best items such as health, damage increase, defense, item drop rate Step 3- Enter the level: G-Corporation. Millennium Tower Heliport or Kigan Island levels Step 4- Win/Sell extra gears Beating campaign mode allows you to gain access to Kigan Island, which will help finding S class gears due to the difficulty and overall witness to claim. The gears you choose are important because being able to stay alive and stomping more foes to further increase the chance of more items to drop. Increase fight monies is rubbish. Selling loot is far more lucrative. Stunning gears like lightning and ice don't exactly help you survive if you are getting jumped. Fire is superior, because 1 hitting foes is awesome, especially if you hit 3 or more people and they all dire at once. I've seen more than one chest drop with one attack. Damage, health, and defense = survivability = more loot. I chose those two levels by personal experience and my bank flow off 100 million in a two or three hours is evidence. G-corp level is fast effective, but the greater magnitude of loot is found in Kigan Island, Nightmare Train, or Azazel's Chamber. I'm not sure who the best character is for the job, but I have laid waste to mobs with King. Using the joystick and facing your back to opponents and pushing both both punch buttons at once equals a closeline from hell. It does great damage and to multiple opponents. My gears on King: Defense 10 Health 414 Attack 96% Drop rate 143% Elemental Fire 89 P.S. Increase fight monies doesn't help you live or get better items. Being able to stay alive and slay as many foes possible does. Trading an item that gives 200 more health for an item that gives only a measly 40% gain to those cheap money bags is noob. Will make a true tekkenlord rage and make a quick money making guide like this one.