hopefully they fix the juggling in tag 2.

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I played all the tekkens and always memorized as many moves as i could on the characters i preferred but this juggling system i realized owned the online part of the game completely... now i myself learned a few 10 hit combos and all the smaller combo moves along with the hard hitting, but the worst part of it.. all my talent in this game, timing, dodging, and ability to syke your opponent out is useless when it comes to these professional jugglers. Reason i say this is because all they have to do is land their 1 key move that starts their juggle and mind as well put down the controller and watch your bouncing demise. and its not even hard to learn 1... i had my ass handed to me online and watched how it was done with my own character... put my ass into practice mode and learned this juggle to the T. after a few hours i perfected it, went online and used it against the online opponents... its all i used in the battle.. and aside from some fancy get up moves i won with simply that... 3/0 every game... for about 8 matches before i lost all faith in people actually knowing how to play the game and just abusing this exploit to virtually rape their opponent. Certian movies i know are cheap. but they can be anticipated. some combos are hard to get the hang of due to them being high low etc etc. but you should be marked as the looser cuz one hit landed on you and the rest ensues while you have no ability to retaliate. All im hoping for is they create a means to escape the juggle if they do insist on adding such a cheap means. I just think that the attacker and the defender should always have the ability to escape huge amounts of damage, like the grabs, 10 hit combos, super moves etc.. their all escape-able and for good reason, your reflexes and knowledge can save your ass.