OMG, NAMCO keeps improving themselves, and they have not disappointed me yet, and TEKKEN 5 is no exception...

User Rating: 9.8 | Tekken 5 PS2
NAMCO has always gone a step beyond every time they have come out with a Tekken game, and each time, I have never been disappointed. Tekken has been one series that TOTALLY BEATS DOA series, even Virtua Fighter series. (Although, those are nice games to, just not detailed enough) Tekken has been the only game that truely gives the ultimate martial arts techniques that works, plays, and even feels like each character has more than just a simple punch and/or kick, like other games. Tekken is the only series that literally shows what every martial arts can and will do. When Namco started this series, they knew what they were doing.

Compaired to the other tekken games, this one takes the cake, at least until they make a better Tekken game. The characters look flawless and very well detailed in muscle tone, skin tone, and clothe texture. Even the way they move their body shows little to no problems with the polys what so ever. Namco really knows how to make great body structures and This game proves it.

Although it does take some time to learn just one character (With the 50+ moves per character) once you get the hang of one character, it's usually best to stick with that character for life. Because every character has moves that only work when you are in the middle of a move, timing is very critical, but rest assured, once you know the character and have gotten the timing down, you will love the way your character fights. In a way, every character is evenly balanced based on strength, martial arts, technique, and speed. Although it is very clear that some of the female characters are weak on strength, that does not mean that they can't make up for it. Even the female characters rock in this game. It's just a matter of patience, control and timing. Most cases, it's really about the timing, but, as mentioned, once you get the timing, the rest of the moves just fall into place. You will be highly amazed by the way a character fights and moves.

I know that not everyone is a fighting fan, but for those of you who are, I highly recommend this game, if only because this is the TRUE MARTIAL ARTS game of all time. Virtua Fighter & DOA don't even come close to the technique and uniqueness of a game like this. No other fighting game will give the excellence in performance and style of fighting like Tekken. But believe when I say, if you are a Virtua Fighter or DOA fan, once you start playing Tekken 5, you will be hooked for life and you will never go back.