The master of all Tekken games (Literally)

User Rating: 10 | Tekken 5 PS2
I love Tekken, but i love street fighter more. Now in Tekken 5, there were on 2 things that made me give this game a perfect score. The Background Music for the "Poolside Stage" and a new character called "Feng Wei".

The characters were great and yes were balanced. I love kuzuya's flying kick move and lee's acid rain kicks. But there was one character i could not ignore and his name is Feng Wei. He had brilliant moves, his style was amazing, his look was good and who ever made him or even had an idea to put him in the tekken series is a "smarter than Einstein" genius. My Goodness i loved his Chinese kempo fighting style and i loved his poses. If he was not in the game, i would have not bought it. The music was pretty good too.

They were also smart to put both Tekken 1 to 3, however i was disappointed about it not having endings for those games.

For having new original characters, good music, endings, Tekken 1,2,3 and a bonus tekken action game, this game deserves a perfect for originality. Now If only Tekken 1 to 3 had endings.