This is THE BEST fighting game on the PSP and the it looks beautiful and the frame rate is awesome.......

User Rating: 10 | Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP
In my opinion it is THE BEST fighting game on the platform, Nothing is stripped from characters and you have complete arsenal of moves of each character as console version, More content is also added to improve the game and not just a few things but a lot of them.

PROS = One of the Best graphics on PSP at the time the game was released, Game still looks stunning after so many time. Ghost System is a great addition, All characters are included from console version, 2 new characters have also been added, Great extras, Game is same as console version and nothing is stripped.

CONS = I found nothing.

FINAL WORDS = It's one of the best fighting games on the system to date, The game has wonderful extras and the game looks really beautiful, Frame rate is great and game never looks slow or lagging, No fighting fan can go wrong with the choice.

RECOMMENDATION = I'll highly recommend it to all of the Tekken fans and all of the fighting fans, It's one of my most favourite games on the system and I've played this game for hours and hours, You wouldn't get disappointing for sure.