This is GREAT! Probably the best fighting game for the PSP

User Rating: 9.5 | Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP
This is a review for the PSP game Tekken Dark Ressurection.First of all,I think it's fair to say this game is something like an upgrade to another great game,Tekken 5 for the PS2,but you can also take it as a PSP version,although there are notable differences. So,here we go,let's start the review!
Graphics : 10/10 Considering this game is on PSP,it's one of the best looking games on the platform...The character models look good,the stages look good and the different striking effects (the one's that show when fighters hit each other) help make this game's looks just great! Sometimes,if you look deep into some stages' background,you'll notice some 2D looking stuff,but,still nothing bad about the graphics.Overall,great graphics,and this game is easily one of the best looking games on the platform.

Soundtrack : 8.5/10 Nothing really ground breaking,but it's not bad.What's a good fighting game without good music? This game's music is definately not a letdown,but it's still not that awesome.Some tracks are really good though,and you may love them.

Characters : 10/10 38 characters,all of which are playable right when you get the game.Not having to unlock the characters is something interesting as you are not forced to go through each character's story mode,which would be annoying,considering the number of characters in this game.You wouldn't need more characters than this,believe me.ALL of them play differently,by using different fighting styles. Oh,and it's the right time to mention that this game features two characters that were not in the original Tekken 5..

Gameplay : 9.5/10 It's amazing.There are a lot of moves each character can do,and some moves weren't in Tekken 5 (nothing really notable though).Like I mentioned in the "characters" category each fighter playes completely differently.Some have a lot of kicks while some others specialize in punches or balanced fighting,some have a lot of good throws which you can chain together while some others have a lot of stances you can I said,the fighting system is just awesome. There is a slight problem with the controls though.The diagonal controls are hard to input in PSP,and you might have some trouble until you get used to them.However,you can also use the analogue stick,which can solve most problems like that,but can still give you a hard time at times.

Content : 10/10 There's plenty of stuff !!! You have the standard story mode which is the same as Tekken 5's (but with the addition of 2 new characters)
You have the same Arcade mode which was also in Tekken 5,in which you can pick a character and fight against ranked ghost opponents,while you earn new titles,record your own ghost data and fight harder opponents as you go.
Tekken Dojo is a new mode,in which you pick a character and fight opponents in Dojos which you have to beat to raise your rank and access the next dojo.Good stuff.This mode can be pretty fun.
You got the typical Practice mode.
You also have some more modes,like Time Attack,Command Attack and Survival all of which are what you would expect.
Now here's the surprise.These 2 are not game modes you find on any fighting game... You have the Gold Rush mode,in which you pick a fighter and fight opponents and gain money according to the hits and combos you pull.Next,is the Tekken Bowling!!! Yes! It's back! In here you can pick a character and play against other characters to see who's the best bowler! You also have the option to play without the opponents for fun and get as many strikes as you can. Fun stuff!
There's also a customization mode in "profile" in which you can customize the characters by adding or changing clothes,add facial features etc.Much better than Tekken 5's customization.
There isn't Devil Within in this game though.Too bad,but all of the other modes make up for it,trust me.

Replayability: 8/10 This game will keep you addicted for quite a while,but when you get bored of it,you may move on to other games.Yet,you may come back to it often,because it offers incredible fighting which you rarely find on other games of it's kind.
One more comment : Recording your own ghost data,giving it to your friends and all that is pretty fun.The ghosts are not 100% accurate,but they do their job well.
Final Score : 56/10 which is about 9.3333..... yeah anyway,I'll give it a 9.5 because it deserves it.