Perfect. Best game I have for the PSP.

User Rating: 10 | Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP
Tekken: Dark Ressurection was a very big surprise for me. It had this HUGE content and so many features, I played my PSP every day for 3 weeks!

The features I like mostly in this game are: The ability to customize your fighter, bowling and the graphics.

The fighting style is amazing, and you can do many different moves. Every character had atleast over 100 moves, which could all be learned in training move. There is a huge choice of characters, and you can buy stuff to change how they look.

Then there is a special bowling mode, which is quite fun and I enjoy it. Works pretty good and has hot girls in the backround.

The graphics in this game is much better than all other games I have tried, and the cutscenes are the best. Every character has a cool storyline, and the game has many fighting modes.

This is a must get for the PSP, and pretty cheap compared to other games (I found mine for 25 €, around 30 $)