Tekken is back. In full HD greatness and for the first time ever, ONLINE BATTLE!

User Rating: 8.5 | Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection PS3
Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection was the upgraded version of Tekken 5. It was available for the arcades back in 2005. It then made its first PSP debut title named Tekken Dark Resurrection with a host of extra features the arcade version didn't feature. The game featured 2 new fighters and a returning fighter from the past titles.

The two new fighters were:

Lili: A young French girl who wants to save her father's company from the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Dragunov: A Russian with the fighting style of Sambo who wants to investigate the Devil Gene.

But now in 2007, Namco decided to bring its popular fighting franchise to the PS3. By adding the 1080p support with several modes from its console version, Tekken 5 DR for the PS3 is a great game you must download.

Let's look at the pros of this game:

It's been too long for Tekken gamers waiting and waiting for an Online support. And now it's finally here! Tekken 5 DR doesn't only feature the outstanding visuals, graphics and sounds but also Online Battles that will keep you playing for hours and hours. Another great feature is the Chat Mode system where players can communicate via bluetooth headsets. The mode consist of:

Opti Matches- Finds the matches that have the players current online rank (either high, middle or low)

Quick Matches- As a gamer I thought Quick Matches meant that you immediately find a one on one opponent and get prepared for the battle. But I was wrong. Quick matches work like Opti Matches but they jumble up all rank rooms for the player to select.

Custom Matches- Where the player can actually find what sort of match he/she wants. Like a match for high ranks or vise versa. Or a match with Chat activation.

Create Rooms- Where the player can be his/her own boss. Change the number of rounds, time limits etc. The player can invite friends for a match and also kick out an opponent.

Rankings- The ranking system works whenever the player wins or looses a match. It is a wise choice to see wether your rank has gone up or down.

Now those are the pros of this game. Let's look at the cons:

1) The game could have been a direct port of it's PSP version. Tekken 5 DR on the PS3 still feels incomplete in some areas.

2) The online mode is good but you will need to find a really good host with a good connection. Whenever you serach for a room, an icon will indicate wether the player's connection is a go go or a no no. It's not wise to challenge players from different parts of the globe.

3) Jinpachi Mishima isn't really the best fighter. Although we are happy that he is selectable, we just think he fights cheap.

Ovrall Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Online deserves an 8.5 for its arcade-like experience, online modes and the large number of fighters players can select. This game is a must download!