The Tekken series is legendary.. Just like this game

User Rating: 9 | Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP
Graphics: There are fantastic graphics in this game, the character models are amazing and the cutscenes as you finish each characters story are fantastic. The graphics handles all the action very well as well. When this game came out it was the best graphics from a PSP game (9/10)

Sound: Great intense soundtrack make the fights even more fun and voice acting is surprisingly good as well. I didn´t notice the sound so much in this game though as its really intense (8/10)

Gameplay: One of the best Tekken games ever made and on a handheld. Fantastic gameplay, its so much fun playing this game, and all the mini games like bowling make this game amazing. If you finish the story with all the characters and unlock different modes and cutscenes you really are in for a ride. Im not the biggest Tekken fan around, not since Tekken 3 at least. But this game is FUN (9/10)

Lasting Appeal: You got a story mode by every single characters including two new ones. And some bonus modes as well make this game really worth every penny. You might as well finish the story twice with each character since it´s so much fun (10/10)

Conclusion: Great fighting game on a underrated console. They do everything right here. Good graphics, fantastic gameplay and intense music, this game really is the whole package (9/10)