A Perfect Portable fighting game for the PSP.

User Rating: 10 | Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP
Tekken Dark Resurrection for the PSP is a great fighting game that features in total of 35 fighters to choose from and well tweaked gameplay elements. Dark Resurrection has the same storyline as the previous game, Tekken 5 but it happens 1 month after the events of Tekken 5. There are 2 new characters who enter the tournament. One is a girl named Lili who is an heiress to her father's company and wants to destroy the Mishima Zaibatsu. The other is a Russian soldier named Dragunov who seeks everything about the Devil Gene. There is also a suprise apperance by Armor King with new moves and loads of killer throws. There are new modes in Tekken Dark Resurrection which are the Online Mode where it enables you to download wallpapers, ghosts and even your name in the world ranking list. Gold Rush where it allows you to beat the nuts out of your opponents within the time limit. Tekken Dojo is a mode where you have to enter a number of tournaments to be ranked as the top player. Tekken Bowl is back and as well as Command Attack which is a mode where you must do certain command attacks within the time limit. The graphics in DR is amazing and the sound is incredible. This is the perfect game for PSP players and Tekken fans. It's a must buy.