This is the first tekken ive played and it is great. The creators have made themselves proud.

User Rating: 9.5 | Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP
Tekken is a very good game and i am very impressed with it. The graphics are very good, there are ghosts you can challenge and download and loads of wonderful fighters to choose from. There is the story mode where you can learn more about your character and play the almighty jinpachi at the end. In tekken dojo you are entering a competition to get to number 1 in the dojo then you can move onto the next dojo and as you go higher the more experienced you get. In arcade mode you have to go through as long as you can last and this is my way of getting my rank up. There are also extra games like command, bowling, survival and much much more. you can also buy costumes and customise your character. overall a game worth buying and it has been out a while so it is pretty cheap. Very good game and i cant wait for tekken 6. the only bad thing is on psp you cant play as jinpachi :( (unless you muck with ur psp. which is not worth it) buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!