Tekken: Dark Resurrection - better than Tekken 5.

User Rating: 10 | Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP
With Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny AND Tekken 6 coming out soon for the PSP (hopefully), I really wanted to write a review about Tekken: Dark Resurrection, also known as Tekken: DR. My first experience with the Tekken series started at a friend's house with Tekken 5. I borrowed from my friend and eventually got myself a copy. Tekken 5 was good. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but it just felt right for me: all those weird characters, the occasional humorous moment, a gameplay that suited me, just plain fun. It was so different to everything else I had played before, there were no fireballs, Sonic Booms, ki blasts, all the things I somewhat hated in fighting games. Tekken 5 did have it's downsides: sure, there was a character customization option, but you never had enough in-game money to get all the things you wanted, unless you played for hours and hours and days and days and months... it got really frustrating. And the Devil Within mini-game was really not necessary. Sometimes the controls didn't felt so responsive, but I've seen worse. A good game, but it didn't keep my butt on the couch for hours and hours.

After about a year since getting my hands on Tekken 5, I found Tekken: Dark Resurrection. I found it at a bargain bin of a video game store, 20 euros. So, what the heck, I bought it. And damn! The first thing I saw? This game looks damn good for a PSP game! It looks good and plays well. The graphics of course aren't as good as on the PlayStation 2 version, but you really can't complain or you're a moron. The controls also felt somewhat bette to me, I really don't know why, but they really do. Sure, the d-pad causes some problems, but otherwise I think the PSP handles better than PS2 version. But what really makes the PSP version better (my opion, you can freely disagree), is all the new content. It missing the Devil Within mini-game, but I don't really miss it. Instead, you got the Tekken Dojo, where you just fight other guys in tournaments and as you climb up in ranks, you finally declare yourself the champion of the dojo and then you move on to the next. Nothing special, but it's better than just the normal arcade mode in Tekken 5. And speaking of the arcade mode... the money. The money just rolls in on Tekken: DR. About ten times faster, I'd say. More money to spend on character customization, I like! And then there's of course the survival mode, bowling, gold rush mode... just feels that there's a lot more content than just in plain old Tekken 5.

What else? All of the characters from Tekken 5 are still present and even some new ones. Armor King comes back, Eddy is no longer just a costume for Christie and then there's this new character called Lili I didn't care so much about. And... hailing from Russia, standing 6'2, weighing weighing in at 175 lbs, the White God of Death, SERGEI DRAGUNOV! One of the biggest reasons, if not the biggest reason, why I love Tekken: DR and prefer it over plain old Tekken 5. His moveset is just so wonderfully brutal and he's Russian! Whenever I get a change to fight a friend (doesn't happen very often), I choose Dragunov. Sometimes I just feel really cheap while using him, because he's just such a bad dude, but it's all worth it. But in conclusion, Tekken: Dark Resurrection is a fantastic game, improving Tekken 5 without sacrificing anything, and it has Sergei Dragunov! A true Top 10 game for the PSP, now let's just hope Tekken 6 can do the same. Oh, and hurray for Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, too.