A great fighter turned into an even better PSP game.

User Rating: 9 | Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP
This is easily one of the best handheld gaming options out there today. Everything about the game makes it, not only "as good", but better then most console fighters. The graphics are literally better the 99% of the PSP's library of games and runs at an even FPS the entire time. All of the game-play was mapped extremely well to the systems interface (although I suggest you play it on a Slim model) and provides an fulfilling experience. The character selection is large enough, with each character having unique fighting abilities, that you will be kept busy for a long time to come. Multiplayer is great as many would expect from the genre. The addition of the single disk "Download Play" is also a welcome addition to this already wonderful package. If you are looking for a good fighter, or PSP game, this is one of the best solutions available.