Like Tekken Advance, Tekken 3D is fun but there isn't much to the game

User Rating: 7 | Tekken 3D Prime Edition 3DS
Tekken 3D Prime Edition for the Nintendo 3DS is the 2nd Tekken game to be released on a Nintendo handheld, the 1st being Tekken Advance for the GBA. Now the game has good graphic and plays well, it even manages to hold up when you play it in 3D. The game is basically a port of Tekken 6. All 41 playable characters from Tekken 6 returned in this game. Now Heihachi Mishima, while he is present in the game he appears younger in the game like in Tekken 1 and 2 for the PS1, an anomaly which is mirrored in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, this is probably due to the passing of his previous voice actor Daisuke Gōri. The only characters from Tekken 6 that don't return are the non playable characters which include the mini boss NANCY-MI847J and the final boss Azazel. The game doesn't have a story mode which makes the game feel very lacking with modes to play. The gameplay is pretty great as well as the the music like in every Tekken game. I bet it is loads of fun if you have a friend to play against but I don't know anyone else that owns this game though. You can fight to collect 700 collectable Tekken Cards but they are just for looking at, you can't do much at all with them unfortunately. Now all the stages from Tekken 6 also return, the only new stage I can think of is this farm stage. The game is fun but the real treasure in this game is the 3D Computer animated motion picture Tekken: Blood Vengeance, the movie revolves mostly around Xiaoyu and Alisa, but Kazuya, Jin and Heihachi also play a role, as well as a new character named Shin Kamiya. I won't spoil much of the plot but Panda, Nina, Anna, Ganryu, Lee, and Mokujin also make appearances. The movie is surprisingly good for a video game based movie, it is the only Tekken movie I've seen and I don't plan on seeing the cartoon movie Tekken: The Motion Picture and I definitely don't want to see the live action 2010 movie titled Tekken. Now the movie is the best reason to get this game and it is what made me give the game a score higher than a 5 or 6. Overall Tekken 3D Prime Edition is a fun game I only recommend picking up if you are a die hard Tekken fan like me and you must have every game in the series for completion purposes, and if you want to have a game to play or a movie to watch to spare some time.
Overall: 7.0/10