If you appreciate it for what it is rather than what many wanted it to be, Tekken 3D isn't as bad as it's made out to be

User Rating: 8 | Tekken 3D Prime Edition 3DS
Tekken 3D was a pretty hyped game for the 3DS, and yet upon its release it mostly received the lowest score in the series, all of which were critically acclaimed. I don't see why though. It's not the best in the series, but to be harsh, most of the reviews were more whining about what they wanted from it rather than appreciating it for what it was. It's a great achievement for a handheld game and it's fun for fans of the series.

Most of the reviews criticized the game for not having a story mode, but that's a pretty stupid criticism. It's not a main game in the series; it's more of a 'Tekken All-Stars' and features all the characters from Tekken 6. In fact, the whole game is similar to the PSP version of Tekken 6, in both gameplay and graphics.

The graphics are a great achievement for a 3DS; even with 3D turned on it runs at 60 FPS - in offline mode anyway. 3D is disabled in online mode and the online mode does lag a bit, but the fact that there's online multiplayer - something the PSP versions of Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 lacked - is always nice.

The gameplay is the same as in all the other Tekken games. There are some new modes and others have been taken out. Playing the game with the D-Pad can be a bit tricky at first because of the 3DS's awfully positioned D-Pad, but you'll soon get used to it. Like Super Street Fighter IV 3D, the developers let you use touch screen controls for throws and such. How generous of them.

Most of the characters look around the same as their selves in Tekken 6. The exception is Heihachi who is playable as his younger self like in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. He even has some new combos and a new victory animation.

There is a final mode called Tekken Cards, which has around 700 cards that can be unlocked and viewed in 3D. This does give the game some replay value for people who try to unlock them all. The game also includes the CG movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance, in 3D too. While fans probably already have watched the movie, it's still nice of them to include it with this.

The lack of a proper final boss and the removal of some modes does hurt, but Tekken 3D still has enough content in it to satisfy fans of the series. There you have it; it's not the best game in the series, but it's not bad either.