Tekken the piss!

User Rating: 5 | Tekken 3D Prime Edition 3DS
Ok graphics are a mixed bag, the characters look great, animate well (typical tekken fare), however the backgrounds are neither dynamic nor do they animate, much like those in Street fighter 4 3D.Disaspointing.We've already had superb animation, graphics and dynamic animated backgrounds from DOA Dimensions.
I would also like to note that the parallax technique that Namco currently use is simply broken, the ground moves in 3 directions and it just looks ludicrous-(Soul calibur 5 also suffers from this on some of it's stages to the point of looking broken and badly made (which that game also IS).

gameplay, this is tekken and it is hard, the touch controls don't make it any easier and the timing required to block puts the systems face buttons and pad through it's paces, in my opinion the 3DS cannot cope with this fighting system, it works much better for fluid and solid counter systems like those in DOA, Soul calibur and Virtua fighter.

Next up is the games real disapointment that tips it from being bareably O.K to just plain rubbish.Game modes are lacking.You can have a survival match (again found in DOA) and you can have a quick battle (arcade mode with no attempt at story, which isn't a loss).You gain ranks in quick battle but not in survival, but you gain more collectable cards in survival.Once you attain enough rank with the characters you get to unlock alternative colours, nothing too spectacular though.You can trade cards with people with Tekken, which to be honest will be very few people indeed.

Online runs alright but only if your located near to your opponent and both of your connections are stable.The game often runs in super slow motion when having online bouts, which sucks any competitive spirit straight out of a fight.Overall the 3DS doesn't seem very capable when it comes to online fighting games and Tekken is no different.the best online experience i've had with 3DS are the resident evil games.

As for the film, it's the kind of thing you might rent or pay £5 to own.i guess that the film took up all the space on the game card so that the actual game didn't have any modes.

Namco suprised us with how fun and decent Ace combat on 3DS was, however, this is cash cow and they have seriously tekken the piss.

If they dare release a sequel, it needs, more modes, trade cards with friends online, voice over IP in online matches, a more refined combat system perhaps with dedicated block button.More customisability.No 3D movie bolted on, have story cutscenes for Arcade mode and leave it at that.
Overall this is a pitiful use of the 3DS and further shows just what a damn fine job Tecmo did with Dead or Alive, which deserve more credit than most recent handheld fighting games, including those found on the new VITA.