Come On Namco, You did a 3 year old remake of Crap.

User Rating: 4 | Tekken 3D Prime Edition 3DS
Im a big Fan of the series since Day one that I got a Tekken in my PS One. Yet the Series keeps on improving and somewhat more addicting. This handheld Version of the game did a little justice for its gorgeous graphics and the movie pack. But thats it, No one told Namco to add more content in this game.

The Graphics are somewhat amzing for a handheld if turned the 3D on. But will see a lot of pixelated blocks if you turned off. Anyway its way better than the PSP version in terms of graphics.

The game runs in 60 fps which is a good thing for this game, and the online can run the same if you or your opponent has fast connections.

It is actually a rundown of the PSP version which is for me making this a clone of the PSP in terms of Sound.

The lack of modes keeps this game in the sale bin. ideally today some people are not contented with little modes and no customizations.

- 3D Graphics are amazing
- Movie is quite good. The 3D is not that appealing.
- Online Versus Mode
- Tekken Cards

- Lack of modes which is a big deal now for gamers (3 years of remake and all they did is this.)(Put down the crackpipe Namco)
- No customization for the Characters
- No Battle Replays
- Cards are not that Appealing.
- Where's Azazel and Nancy?
- You cant turn off the Autosave function meaning you cant let your little brother mess with this game.
- Touch screen filtering should be an option online. Standing Flash Kick anyone?


Bad Game... nothing else said