Best Tekken ever. Period.

User Rating: 10 | Tekken 3 (PlayStation the Best) PS
There is not much to say. This game is absolutely classic. I will never forget when I first played the demo on my neighbour's Playstation. One of my best childhood memories. It's one of the very few games I'm actually PROUD of owning, and by proud, I'm mean proud as if owning Ulysses or War and Peace. It has that much value for me. I've been playing this game for 12 years now, and I probably will forever. It's a game I will never get tired of.

BGM's: perfection
Gameplay: perfection (at least for the time)
Graphics: era's breakthrough. It was probably the best looking game, when it came out.
Characters: from the old friends of Paul, Nina, ecc, we get to play as chinese martial arts girl Xiaoyu, the great capoerista Eddy and Kazuya's son Jin, among others. All of them are fun to learn, except maybe Gon, which is just stupid and pointless.
The game has an amazing retro atmosphere. You get to fight in beaches, courtyard of a laboratory, street alley, mexican temple, ecc. The final boss, Ogre, is a classic, although Heihachi, who is the sub-boss, is the toughest one to defeat. As I said, there's not much to say. This game is a classic. 10/10