this game is just so amazingly good have never seen anything like it since tekken 3,,

User Rating: 10 | Tekken 3 (PlayStation the Best) PS
beste tekken game to date besides tekken 2

every other tekken game after tekken 3,,just average,,compared,,

good game,,nice to unlock stuff,,just that in itself feels so right,, tekken should be about unlocking characters,,as it once was,

volleyball and all modes are just so well done and rewarding

Gon is so fun to play wih,,cinematics are interesting and funny,,voice in this game is so good and also selection screens,,nice arenas,,everything feels right and plays right,Dr B,,is the most interesting and fun char ever witnessed in a tekken game seriusly,,tekken 6 is so standard and flat,,nothing unque,,besides the new char,,oh well''

only bad thing is that i beat the ppl i play with,,not to brag:p,,the arena u play and has no stopping,,

Jin, revived by the Devil Gene within him (because after Jin's mother had gone missing following an attack from Ogre, Devil returned, branded Jin's left arm with a mark, possessing him), reawakens and makes quick work of the soldiers, turning his attention to Heihachi and literally smashing him through the wall of the temple. Heihachi survives the long fall, but Jin, in mid-air, sprouts black, feathery wings and strikes Heihachi one last time. He then flies off into the night, leaving his bewildered grandfather staring after him.