Enter the Tekken... 3

User Rating: 10 | Tekken 3 (Platinum) PS

Tekken 3®, a classic 32-bit masterpiece, covered with geat childhood memories - serving only to delight. Namco has done a great job in creating what we call a true game.


  • Many likeable characters to choose from
  • Mastering different combos and fighting techniques are fun
  • Graphics are better than what came before
  • A few interesting and new modes to choose from, which includes the Tekken Force and Tekken Ball modes
  • Stunning high resolution movie sequences
  • Fighting with and/or against friends is exciting
  • Each character makes the controller feel different in your hand, as if it's adjusting to match their characteristics and qualities


  • Repetitive when it comes to fighting through Story mode
  • Once you're done, you're done

I was inspired the first time I picked up Tekken 3® and played it, honestly, the game is a masterpiece. My first and foremost favorite character is Jin; he'll make you feel LIKE A BOSS! What makes Tekken 3® such a great game is the fighting components: combos galore and the differences in how characters fight makes this game come alive. The graphics just adds to the game, running effortlessly and crisply, especially during stunning high resolution movie sequences - I'll never forget the Tekken 3® intro movie - I was wondering when they will actually make a real Tekken movie, but I digress.

It is easy for anyone to gaming or consoles to pick up Tekken 3® and just play and enjoy the game in all its glory - something which is very hard to do in actual fact. The control layout is great and it feels great to play the game.

What also makes Tekken 3® even more fun is multiplayer in Versus mode - nothing like beating your friends and being victorious.

I would recommend Tekken 3® to anyone and everyone, this is truly a masterpiece and a game to remember so don't hesitate to take part in the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 3 and enter the Tekken...