This is what everyone went crazy over?

User Rating: 4.5 | Tekken 2 PS
I have to admit Tekken is one of my favorite video game franchises, but this game stood out the most, along with the first game. And not in a good way. Before anyone overreacts, you have to understand that this game is 15 years old, and if you play it now, you can greatly tell the difference.

Gameplay: The gameplay is rather confusing. The characters don't even have a command list. And without a command list, how are you supposed to know what you're doing? Mashing buttons will only get you but so far.

Graphics: The graphics are greatly outdated and needs to be improved if Namco releases a remake. Super Mario 64 (One of my favorite games on the N64) has better graphics than ths game even plaing now and it's the exact same age as this game, or at least almost. The characters look pixel like,

Difficulty: The difficulty is horrible. I put the difficulty on easy was still unable to beat the game. Part of the reason refers to the gameplay. I barely know what I'm doing. When I don't know what I'm doing, it goes downhill from there. The difficulty is also frustrating.

Characters: The character range is pretty good. Too bad the characters Don't have a list of moves. I almost thought every character had the same moves. Besides the Jack robots and a few other the moves somewhat seem like a matchset.

Music/Sound: The music is actually the only reason why I gave the game 9 extra points making it a 4.5. It's the best feature in the game. My favorite theme song from the game is Almost Frozen (Anna Williams theme song). The sound however, extremely lacks of greatness. The voice acting is horrible. Nina Williams sounds like a man when she tries to hit you in the face.

Overall: I can't believe I thought I would actually like this game. Don't even think about even renting this game. But that's your choice. I can't control your actions and tell you what to do. Rating:4.5/10