Excellent characters and combos that are out of sight!

User Rating: 8.5 | Tekken 2 PS
For some reason the girls in fighting games seem to be my favorite. This game was no exception.

Nina, Jun and Michelle were definitely my favorite of the bunch (although playing with the Angel and the Devil was neat).

The best thing about this game was its music though. I can still picture one of the tunes in my head very clearly as I'm writing. It was just that memorable!

Jun was an excellent newcomer. And the graphics got a bit better (as Jack didn't look so long anymore).

I first played this game as a demo on one of those PS CDs we'd get sometimes. I couldn't wait to play the final game.

I must say it was worth the wait also.

Nina, Law, Jun, Paul, Anna, Michelle, Angel, Devil and Jack were amongst the slew of characters in this game.

The stories were cool to watch and unlocking characters was fun. The main mode had you go through about 10 or so characters and then you'd unlock their stories. Certain character stories unlocked hidden characters like Anna, Angel, Devil and that cat-faced girl that nearly mirrored Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu.

Anyway. The combos were something really cool to see too. By mostly pressing certain buttons successfully after another, you could pull of a string of powerful combos that made you win easier.

I remember the throws too. Some of them were quite formidable if you could pull them off.

8.5/10 overall.