Best Tekken Game and possibly The Greatest Game of All Time

User Rating: 10 | Tekken 2 PS
I first discovered Tekken in this PS1 Demo disc I got in the mail, It was a demo of Tekken 3, I thought it was really good. One day my sister's then friend brought Tekken 2 over to my house and I played it and enjoyed the Hell out of it. The first person me and my brother beat the game with was Jack 2, and we unlocked P.Jack. Years later after my sister and her friend were no longer friends and this game disappeared off the face of the Earth for me and my brother, One Christmas I got Tekken 3 and we loved it. I think the 2nd Tekken game I got was Tekken 4 and then Tekken Tag Tournament. One year after we got home from vacation me and my brother went to Gamestop to see if they had Tekken 2 (sadly they don't carry PS1 games anymore, that's what Play N Trade is for). We got it and popped it in for the 1st time in YEARS. My 1st reaction was OMG the graphics are WORSE then I remember, but that doesn't prevent this game from being awesome. I can play the 2 player in this game for a long time without getting bored and the story is awesome and is very fun playing as Devil. My favorite character in the series is Heihachi whom I use the most in this game. After we had played this a whole bunch we decided to give this game a perfect 10, one of the few games my brother has given a 10. I recommend this classic game to Tekken Fans and other fans of any fighting game, not even Tekken 6 can beat this, Tekken 6 was somewhat a disappointment to the series even though it is fun, it can't lay a candle on this game. Tekken 2 is possibly The Greatest Game of All Time.
Overall: 10/10