in many terms this game is simply outstanding,addictive and superb

User Rating: 10 | Tekken 2 PS
only diff between tekken 2 and tekken 3 is that both feels very not similiar

- the reason for that is the in game mechanics and graphics and how the figures (characters) play on screen**

** notice how this game plays alot slower than tekken 3 but still manages to feel awesome and not boring at all,,the simplicity of this game almost makes this the best tekken yet,,to date,,the controls are responsive just not the game,,but inthis case,that makes it fun :D and with a couple of beers,,u do the math,,, its just as good as tekken 3,,what tekken 2 dont have,tekken 3 has and the other way around,,and that is genious,, now onto plusses and minuses

- minuses

,,not always responsive controls,and the ai?,,some glitches?
-- not all char feels different and unlike
-- dont like nina hair,,it disturbes the image on the tv because that hair is so bright

plusses +

+ best story to date

+ most regognicable char and most interesting char and the variety in them,not seen in a tekken game since t2,,

+ best video cutscenes,i think

+ heihachi is still the coolest char and has black hair in this (spoiler: maybe cuz he is younger???) or did he just color his hair or painted it,,