I must say, tekken 2 is almost perfect, but not quite...

User Rating: 9.5 | Tekken 2 PS
When I first saw gameplay of tekken 2, I was amazed and wanted the game immediately. Thank god I got it because it was extremely fun. It improved on many things the first one needed work on, yet it still felt like a tekken game. The reason I say that is because later Tekkens changed a lot in the games. The gameplay is the same, but with a lot more characters, more moves, cool boss battles, outstanding graphics for the time, and pretty neat music. The movies were neatly detailed and the best feature about the game was the different modes. Each mode was unique and were very fun. My only issue with the game was expectations. Honestly, I felt they could of added much more like what they did with tekken 3 by having more characters, modes, anything. But I am definitely not downing this game because it is my second favorite of the series and amazing fun. If you want an amazing gem, pick this one up, ASAP.