Tekkity Tic-Tac Tekken 2

User Rating: 5 | Tekken 2 PS

(Prediction: 6/10)
hey, look, i dis-enjoyed another loved fighting game debut. well, time to talk about the sequel!

Tekken 2 starts with pretty scary visuals of humans, & no '70s arcade game. 1/10, worst game ever, Bubsy 3D is nothing to this monstrosity! & i picked Jack-2 for looking funny. & first fight is against Paul. he wants me back, i see. the visuals are pretty colourful this time, & the characters like themselves some blocky arms. jokes aside, the characters look okay. but the NPCs have unfairly quick reaction times after being knocked down. at least now it's possible for either person to win. but some characters are easy too just whale on, & others fight like demi-gods. with a hook, if you catch my drift. though it can get close. another thing improved though is that there's a little bit less input delay. & you move quicker. basically, this a game with a lot of good & a lot of bad. & those 2 things clash. which can result in only one score. 5.