A port of the TMNT arcade game, TMNT 2 is a decent arcade port, with fun game-play and exciting multi-player.

User Rating: 7.5 | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game NES
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade was a famous beat em up arcade game in the 80's, that had a great potential for a home console game. Only problem, was that home consoles at the time weren't nearly as advanced as the arcade boards, thus making many arcade ports terrible excuses and over all lousy games. This game however took the memorable arcade, and did a really decent job converting the game-play onto the Nintendo Entertainment System

The Good
- Fun, exciting game-play
- Great graphics
- Fantastic multiplayer
- Awesome music
- Good replay-ability and is a memorable game

The Bad
- Limit of combos makes combat difficult, and can get redundant
- Its not as good as the arcade, so buyers could be disappointed
- Controls can be stiff

The Graphics --- 9.5/10
The graphics are actually pretty great in this game. It does a decent job animating and keeping the original look of the arcade version. As an Nes title, this is a very nice looking game. It even includes cut scenes from the arcade. All of the characters are well animated, and look pretty good.

The Music --- 8/10
The music is very catchy, upbeat, and gets you in the mood to beat on some foot soldiers! It uses mainly different variations of the ninja turtles theme, and it sounds fantastic.

The Sound --- 7/10
The sound effects are pretty satisfying when beating enemies, etc. Everything sounds good, and get you right into the game. Not much to say, but the sound definitely helps this game keep you in the action. Some continuous sound effects may grow annoying, but that's only a nitpick and only happens when playing the game for hours on end

The Controls --- 6/10
The controls are somewhat stiff in this game, and sometimes hitting enemies can be a chore. Also, there are no combos in this game, the only attacks you have, are your basic attack and your jumping kick. This really affects the deep feeling of the original arcade, and can make the game-play boring at times, and can make killing enemies and bosses very difficult.

The Game-Play --- 8/10
One thing this game definitely brings over from the classic arcade is the fun game-play, especially in 2 player mode. It is so satisfying to beat the ever loving crap out of foot soldiers and familiar bosses such as bee bop, rock steady, krang, and shredder himself. And being able to control all of the turtles from the show is satisfying as well.

This game has very fun multi-player game-play. I love playing this with friends, and just seeing who can beat the most foot soldiers to get the highest score, and just working together to try and beat the game is a lot of fun.

Now even though this game doesn't come close to the arcade, Ultra Games developed this game really well, and made it its own game, as well as replicating the arcade, to make it a great port. The game has great graphics and music, as well as fun game-play from the arcade. One of the best arcade port experiences on the Nes, by far, and i recommend it strongly to any Nes owner.