It may not be as much fun as the arcade version but it is still a great game for the NES.

User Rating: 8 | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game NES


-Great Multiplayer
-Fun Ninja combat
-Solid Controls
-Good graphics and sound


-All the turtles are the same


Anyone who has been to an arcade in the 90s definitely has seen the Arcade version of this game. Well now the arcade game has been ported over to the NES and even though it is not as good, it's still a great game. Basically, it all starts with April O'Neil being captured by the Shredder. Splinter directs the Turtles to a burning building to try and save her. When they find her, the Shredder grabs her and jumps out the window. Now our four heroes must traverse through seven unique levels which all lead up to the dreaded Technodrome, which is Shredder's headquarters. So, it is up to Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello to fight their way through Shredder's Foot Clan in order to save April and ultimately the entire world.


Gameplay wise, this port have many similarities to the arcade version. Most of the levels are the same with some exceptions. Even though only two players can play at one time (unlike the 4 player arcade) the multiplayer aspect is still plenty of fun. Each player gets their pick of which turtle they want to use. Unfortunately, each ninja turtle is exactly the same so it really doesn't matter who you pick. Even though they may look different and wield unique weapons, their damage and range are completely similar. The fighting is plenty of fun in this game. Each level consists of Foot Soldiers, Mousers and other minor bad guys from the cartoon that you're familiar seeing. Each level has some minor platforming like evading obstacles and/or jumping over pitfalls but most of the time you'll be kickin' butt and taking names. There are some spots where you can use the environment to your advantage like breaking a fire hydrant and watching the water pressure launch the cap into an enemy. At the end of each stage a boss awaits you. You'll get to fight some of the Turtles' rivals like BeBop, Rocksteady and of course the dreaded Shredder himself. Boss battles can be a little tricky and sometimes unfairly cheap so keep your guard up at all times.

Other then that, the control scheme works really well in Turtles 2. There aren't too many actions to perform but the smoothness of the maneuverability puts you in complete control the entire time. Each turtle can perform a basic attack, a stronger jump kick and an even more powerful jumping attack. The basic attack typically leaves you vulnerable to a counter so you'll pretty much want to stick with the other moves.


Graphically, Turtles 2 ranks up there with some of the best. The clarity in the characters and environments are nice to look at.

The music isn't anything to write home about but the sound effects are priceless. Whether you're blowing up a Foot Soldier or falling into an empty sewer hole, you're bound to enjoy the sound effects.


Turtles 2 isn't as much fun as the arcade version but it is still a great port to the NES. If you enjoyed the arcade game, the cartoon or just like beating stuff up, then this is the right game for you. Now it's up to you to help your favorite turtle crime fighters Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello save the world.